Artist Statement and Bio

“I enjoy painting from life, especially when it comes to portraiture. This way, I have the chance to get to know my model, to talk with them and to hear their story. I do my best to capture each person's unique character, revealing both their vulnerability and their strength. I try to finish before the light in the room changes too much, and before my sitter doesn’t want to sit still any longer! I like the intensity these factors add to my creative process because they force me to be very present and in the moment. I draw cartoons, on the other hand, in random spurts, producing a new batch out of nowhere every once in a while. I find painting landscapes to be very grounding; they remind me how healing it is to be connected with nature. I make my little watercolor ‘quilts’ when I’m feeling blue (or when I’m on vacation)... usually only one small square at a time. I also find working with video to be exciting, and the editing process can be very rewarding. I create using many different styles across a broad range of media. The outcome often depends on the time of year, the time frame I have, and my frame of mind at the time. As an artist, my greatest hope is that others can find meaning in my work and be touched in some way.”

Katrine Burkitt is a Boston-based painter, film/videomaker and multimedia artist. Originally from Cape Cod, Katrine began her artistic career studying under master plein air painter Rosalie Nadeau, and later studied figure painting under Provincetown artist Jim Peters for nearly 10 years. She later went on to pursue a dual-degree in Painting and SIM (The Studio for Interrelated Media) at the Massachusetts College of Art. She earned her B.F.A. from Massart in December 2009, graduating with Distinction and Departmental Honors.

For the past decade, Katrine has been exploring portraiture almost exclusively, painting over 50 oil portraits of her friends and family, as well as experimenting with "video portraits" and other forms of personal documentary. In recent years her focus has expanded to include cartoons, watercolor still life, video shorts, music videos and a “visual diary” blog. Katrine currently lives and works in Jamaica Plain. Recent exhibitions and screenings include: JP is for Me (Harvest Co-op, Jamaica Plain, MA), Art Intertwined with Family (SRD Gallery, Dennis, MA), Short & Sweet (The Wildlife Preserve Outdoor Screening Series, Cambridge, MA), Hey I Know That Guy (Washington Street Art Center, Somerville, MA), Emerging Artists in Massachusetts (Mass. State Transportation Building, Boston), Brick and Mortar Film Festival (Greenfield, MA), MassArt Film Society (Boston, MA), In the Realm of the Senses (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia), and Video Lounge (Gallery 51, North Adams, MA).